Vision & Mission

AMIE – Assessments, Mentoring and Impact Evaluation, is the first Assessments and Research driven network of educationists pan India.
Join us to be a part of a ground movement across India connected together to improve teaching-learning through collaboration between eminent Professors and Principals and teachers and academic heads.

“To build a self sustaining enduring community promoting a culture of lifelong learning”

We serve the education community by being the best in class learning platform for Educators and Education Researchers by bringing the best in educational research, practice and knowledge on our platform.

AMIE  strives to attract truly passionate educators around the world and create an exciting environment full of learning opportunities.

Our primary focus areas are:

 – Training for Teachers and HoD’s on Modern Pedagogies and Assessments

– Advisory services on Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessments

– Action Research with schools, universities and organisations

– Quality Question Banks for school assessments

We  work with the social participation of all sections of society and support education that prepares young people for life, work and citizenship.

AMIE governs itself through a set of strong values of commitment for excellence, integrity and loyalty.